Main issues

      Gun Rights: I will fight to protect and restore your Second Amendment rights, not compromise them away.  In 2016 I co-sponsored Constitutional Carry legislation and was recognized by RMGOPAC as the one of the top legislators for my defense of your Second Amendment rights.    


      Health Care: The Affordable Care Act/ Obamacare is not affordable and is crippling our health delivery system, increasing costs for individuals and families, and destroying jobs.  I will fight for the repeal of the Obamacare state healthcare exchange and I will continue to champion free market-driven health care solutions for Coloradans.


      Education: I support increasing parental choice options, that’s why I’ve worked so hard to help open a thriving charter school in my community, Golden View Classical Academy. Federal programs such as Race to the Top, Common Core, and No Child Left Behind are dangerous programs that eliminate local control and cost billions while yielding little or no improvement in education quality.  


      Energy: I support the development of all energy options. Artificial “alternative” energy mandates only increase costs, pick winners and losers, distort markets, and act as a “hidden tax” on Colorado farmers, families, and businesses.    


      Jobs & Economy: Politicians don’t “create jobs” by picking winners and losers and redistributing wealth to their cronies or supporters – this kills jobs.  It’s time to cut regulations and for government to get out of the way of the private sector job.  


      Right to Work: I believe no man or woman should be forced to become a member of a union and pay their monthly dues to get or keep their job.  I will sponsor legislation that will end forced unionism in Colorado. 


      Life: I believe that life is sacred and we must protect the most innocent among us.  I am opposed to taxpayer funding of abortion, contraceptives, or euthanasia. 


      Private Property: I support private property rights and oppose any unconstitutional use of eminent domain by governmental authorities.   


      Individual Liberty: I believe your right to privacy should be protected and I oppose warrantless searches and warrantless collection of data by government agencies.