screenshot-2016-11-18-15-50-29Thank you for the Privilege of Representing You!

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Thank you to the Voters of HD 25:

Evergreen, Genesee, Lookout Mtn, Morrison, Idledale, Kittredge, Indian Hills, Conifer, Pine.


You turned out to vote in the highest numbers ever in our district’s election – 50,488 votes!  You were given a clear choice in candidates and you chose Liberty and a more Fiscally Responsible Government.  You will not be disappointed, as I will represent your interests to stop unconstitutional spending that funnels taxpayer money into the pockets of special interests.


I would also thank the Donors of our campaign – those who invested in the message of Limited Government and the defense and promotion of Free Markets.  It was because of your contributions that we were able to combat a nasty and personal campaign by the opposition with Truth and Integrity.  Our research unveiled that the opposing groups poured in $436,000 for mailings, radio, cable TV, and digital ads, plus paid callers and walkers.  Our donors and supporters kicked in $75,000 to keep our message steady.  You will not be disappointed with my voting to keep our State government constrained by our Constitution.


And a special thank you to my Campaign Team and Volunteers who calmly and smartly took on the immense negative campaign of our opposition groups and pushed them back with Honesty and Truth.  Without panic at the tidal wave of special interest money at 6:1, they steadily kept to our message of keeping taxpayer money in the hands of the people rather than in the few who lobby the hardest. You will not be disappointed in my resolve to protect working families and small businesses to keep more of your hard-earned money.